Friday, April 4, 2014

Lessons Learned

So back when I was writing MAYHEM, and then when I was slogging through the query trenches, I thought about making a blog or website... but honestly, the thought of having an author page when I wasn't a published author yet made me feel like a total poser.

Now, I wish I had gotten started on this stuff before I even finished the darn book!

My advice to all aspiring authors: MAKE YOUR AUTHOR PAGES NOW OMG.


Seriously.  Just because you're unpublished doesn't mean you're not an author.  If you wrote a book, you're an author! 

You're not an aspiring author; you're an undiscovered author, and the only way for you to get discovered is to put yourself out there!

So go forth, young authors!  Make friends!  Make connections!

Be awesome-sauce!

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