Thursday, December 18, 2014

RIOT Style Sheet Gems

I'm finishing up my review of RIOT's copyedits tonight (woohoo! almost done!), and I thought of a great idea for a blog post....

How would you like to see some of the words that appear on my copyeditor's style sheet?  ;)  A style sheet is a running document that a copyeditor keeps to make sure certain grammar-related things are staying consistent throughout the book, and it includes a list of special words that should be spelled/hyphenated the same way each time.

Here are some of my favorites from RIOT:

  • badass
  • batshit crazy
  • dickhead
  • douchebag
  • douchey; douchiest
  • hand-cooties
  • man-whore
  • motherfucker
  • shit-faced
  • shit-ton
  • skeezy

I had to laugh as I was going through the list.  ....Because I'm a professional.  ;)

Plus.......................... douchey.  *insert professional giggling here*

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