Friday, December 19, 2014

Title for Mayhem Book 3!

MAYHEM (1/20) has been sent off to the publisher... and RIOT (2/10) has been sent off to the publisher... which leaves only the third book in the Mayhem series, currently UNTITLED BOOK 3, for me to work on right now, and I figured one of the first things I should do is give this book a title!

Something that fits the plot.  Something that fits the theme of the series.  Something that would look cool as hell in that rock star font that's on the covers of my books.  ;)

So, without further ado...


CHAOS!!!  This title totally fits the book and fits my theme, but I'm not going to lie... the thing that sold me was how awesome it's going to look on the cover.  I'm almost halfway done writing it, and you are going to LOVE this heroine.  She's the definition of rock star chic, a girl who can hold her own against the sizzling hot guys in the band.  She grew up in a big family with four older brothers, which has made her a complete spitfire.  She's spunky and witty and... well, you'll see on July 21st when the book comes out.  ;)

MAYHEM releases in one month and one day (EEP), and RIOT releases three weeks later.  So get those, read them, love them, and then place your preorder for CHAOS because it's going to rock just as hard.  <3

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