Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I'm feeling festive, so let's talk COSTUMES!

In the spirit of Halloween, and now that you know a bit more about Rowan and Dee because the synopses for MAYHEM and RIOT have been released (make sure to 'like' my Facebook page if you missed them, or check here for a reminder), I figured it would be fun to talk about what you would wear if you were to dress up as one of my heroines!

For Rowan, you'd have two options: you could go as "Peach" (the party-girl Adam meets at his concert), or you could go as a total college-bum (which Rowan settles into when she realizes Adam doesn't recognize her).

SO, next year, if you want to go as PEACH, this is what you'll need: 

Super-high pink high heels that are WAY outside of your comfort zone, a short black skirt that is equally WAY outside of your comfort zone, and a slinky, revealing top that is WAY... well, you get the point.  You should look HOT, but you should also feel totally naked.  ;)

For COLLEGE-BUM ROWAN, this is what you'll need:

Flats. Leggings. A messy bun. Glasses. A loose top.  Aaand, OH... and maybe a little scarf.......... read the book to find out why.  ;)

For DEE, this is what you'll need: 

The flirtiest, sexiest heels you can find. A curling iron for Hollywood curls. A super-hot dress or top-and-skirt combo. And a smile that can stop guys' hearts.

These girls are best friends, but they are SO different, and so are their books!  Rowan's book, MAYHEM, releases 1/20/15, and Dee's book, RIOT, releases 2/10/15.  Make sure to check them out, and maybe next year we can have a Mayhem-series-inspired Halloween costume party and giveaway!  How much fun would that be?!  There are lots of other amazing characters you could dress up as too, because COME ON, the book is about freaking rock stars!  I can't wait until next Halloween -- my gears are already turning!  :D