Monday, February 9, 2015

Dee: The "Best Friend" Heroine

RIOT comes out TOMORROW!!  (Less than THREE freaking hours from now!)

And I wanted to write a post about everyone’s favorite best friend, Dee.  ;)  Dee is the heroine in RIOT, and she's definitely a handful.  Those of you who read MAYHEM know that Dee is a girl who says and does whatever the hell she wants.  She’s promiscuous, she’s outspoken (understatement of the century), and she makes no apologies.

Dee is *real*, and if you’re like me, there will be parts of RIOT when you want to bitch-slap her, there will be parts when you want to hug her, and there will be parts when you want to be her.

It’s no secret how hard readers can be on flawed (at times “unlikeable”) heroines, but I set out to write a book about “the best friend”—the slutty, outspoken girl who almost never gets her own book—and that’s exactly what I did.  Dee is Dee, from beginning to end.  If you loved her in MAYHEM, you’ll have more of her to love in RIOT.  ;)

And, that being said, Joel is Joel.  This is a book about two characters who are players, who view sex as something fun to do, a game to play.  This book is a *lot* steamier than MAYHEM, with a much rawer storyline.  It still has humor and fun times with the band, but we see things from *Dee’s* point-of-view, and Dee’s view of the world, not to mention her moral compass, are drastically different from Rowan’s.

This review (which I absolutely ADORE) does a great job at describing the differences:

I, personally, grew to love Dee by the end of the story.  Like seriously, really love her.  And I grew to love Joel, even though when I first started writing MAYHEM, I never imagined him being a hero in his own book.  These two damaged characters got a story that felt like it was always meant to be written the exact way it turned out, and it is a story I am immensely proud of.  I’m proud of my characters and how they grew.  I’m proud of myself for sticking to my guns.  And… yeah, I just really freaking love this book.

And I hope you will too.

Happy reading!


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