Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oh Hey There

It's been A MILLION YEARS since I last did a blog post! And a LOT has happened!

I've had THREE signings since then. ApollyCon at the end of February was my very first book signing EVER, and it was amazing. I got to meet so many of my favorite authors -- Jennifer Armentrout, Jay Crownover, Jamie McGuire, Wendy Higgins, Tiffany King... the list seriously goes on and on. It was a huge event, and I completely sold out of books.

Sold. The hell. Out.

Interacting with readers was pretty much the best thing ever. I had DREAMED of my first signing, and let me just say -- the fans at ApollyCon blew my expectations out of the water. They were so amazing and enthusiastic... I went home feeling like a freaking rock star.  My husband came with me as my assistant, and after seeing the lines I kept getting in front of my table, even he finally realized what a BIG deal all of this is! Which was AWESOME.

Then I had a little signing at my local BAM, and later I got to take part in my first author panels at Avon KissCon, and... yeah, it's been surreal. And amazing.

NOW, I'm starting another exciting adventure -- I'm officially beginning my maternity leave! Baby Shaw is due in just four and a half more weeks! I posted this pic on my FB pages 10 weeks ago... and now, just imagine a belly 5 bazillion times this size:

It's a boy, and he's HUGE! Or at least he feels that way. I guess we'll find out in a few weeks. ;)

In the meantime, I've finished writing CHAOS and I officially have a cover to share with you guys!!! So now that we're all caught up, I'm going to end this blog entry and post lots of pretty for you.


  1. congratulations! the arrival of a baby in the family is unique and priceless, life-changing for the better, it brings happiness. I hope all is for the best.

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