Wednesday, January 25, 2017

BREAKING: The Mayhem Series Gets A T-Shirt!!!

UPDATE: This Teespring campaign has been RELAUNCHED until 3/10/17:

THE MAYHEM SERIES HAS AN OFFICIAL T-SHIRT!!! I repeat, the Mayhem Series has an OFFICIAL freaking T-shirt, and you can order yours today!

Show your love for your favorite fictional rock band, The Last Ones to Know! Rock the same shirt that you could have bought at one of their sold-out shows at Mayhem, after singing along with Adam Everest and Shawn Scarlett from the front row of the crowd!

Earlier this month, I held a design contest in my Facebook reader group, Jamie's Rock Stars, and a few readers submitted some seriously kickass designs. This one was designed by Summer Webb of Butter My Books. Group members voted it their favorite, and I absolutely love it! The front has some very cool detail, and the tour dates on the back are actually the e-book and print release dates of the series! With the final book, HAVOC, just around the corner, I can't wait to wear this design and feel like I'm right back in the series. :)

There are LOTS of different shirt styles available on the Teespring page, so check it out and place your order while you still can! This sale campaign will end in just two weeks, on Feb 9.
I bought two for myself (a tee and a racerback -- I couldn't choose!), and I can't wait to see you in yours!!! <3


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