Friday, February 24, 2017

ROCK MY HEART (Mayhem) -- International Bestseller!!!



Holy. Crap.

The German version of MAYHEM, ROCK MY HEART, is officially killing it over in Germany! Just look at this!

Yeah. That's me. Just chilling a few spots under E L James and JoJo Moyes like we're BFFs.

I bawled, people. Like a baby. I got the news, and I completely lost it. I'd been getting a lot of love from my German readers over the past few weeks. I mean, just check out these cool Instagram pics they posted! (And there are SO many more, and they're ALL gorgeous! I swear I go all heart-eyes every time someone tags me in one...)

BUT A FREAKING BESTSELLER?!?! Not even going to lie -- I'm still in utter awe of it. You better believe that "international bestseller" title is going on all of my book covers from now on! And I rewrote my bio! And I feel like a freaking ROCK STAR!

Thank you SO much to all of the amazing German readers and bloggers who made this happen! And to my awesome German editor, Anna-Lisa Hollerbach, and my amazing, amazing German publisher, Blanvalet, who pimped this series hard and made awesome swag to go with it and everything! <3

When I first wrote Mayhem (ROCK MY HEART), my biggest dream was that maybe I'd get a publisher and maaaybe some people in the US would read it. Readers in Germany? Not in my wildest dreams. A bestseller in Germany? WHAT IS THIS LIFE!

My readers really are the stuff dreams are made of. And they've made MY biggest dreams come true. So thank you, thank you, thank you. I hope you love the other books in the series just as much. :)


  1. I have to thank you for this beautiful book. I'm looking forward to the second book ❤

  2. I'm from Germany and really, I LOVED it!!! Adam is so... Well, I can't find words for him. I really want to read the second book, but I have to wait at least 4 days... *cry*
    So, tank you for this georgeous book! :)